Saturday, 16 June 2012

What got me cooking? What got me blogging?

I love to read. I guess I was born to read. I could read for days together with no food and very little sleep. I love romance, mysteries, adventures. I could read them and then totally forget about the romance, the mystery and the adventure. But there is something in these books that captures me; that empowers me. The food - what they had for breakfast, what they had for lunch, what they had for dinner, what the children packed up for their picnic, what the ladies shared with their friends for afternoon tea, what the men drank after they ate and the list could go on. Foods that were known to me; foods that were unknown to me.

And my journey begins - to better the known, to find the unknown and then to try it out in my own kitchen; to share it with my family and sometimes, my friends. Now, I am no Masterchef, nor will I ever be or will ever want to be. The food I make is something my family will love and enjoy (though I shouldn't forget some of the nasty disasters I've had in the kitchen).

Blogging - this is an entirely new territory for me; maybe one that I should have stayed away from. Writing has never been one of my strong points. 'You need more salt and pepper in your essays !', is what Sr. Laetitia (my English teacher in class 10) used to say when she read my papers. And look what the 'salt and pepper' has done to me.

This blog will simply be my bible to the recipes that I've tried at home; a reminder of what should be and should not be done in my kitchen. And I welcome you to take a peep into my culinary experiments, that gives me pleasure, that has become my treasure.

Now, why do I have this picture here?....... Oh well! It is because I am like the setting sun. 

How? ....... Ahem! That is my little secret.............................


  1. Janet,

    I liked the flow ..... I can't comment on the recipes though!!!!
    Interested to know more about lil secret....

    Keep writing ......

    S R