Sunday, 3 March 2013

Round Up: Flavours of Cuisines - Mexican

It was a real exciting and thrilling experience hosting the Flavours of Cuisines - Mexican Event for Julie of Erivum Puliyum; exciting because of the fabulous blogs I came across through this event and thrilling because of the wonderful recipes that my fellow bloggers posted. I received a total of 57 entries for the event and looking at the list below, you will realize that you are all well on your way to host a Mexican banquet in your own home with entrees, mains, desserts and drinks.
Thanks to Julie for giving me this opportunity and to all bloggers for making this event a success.

Before I move on, I have to make a special mention for the Mexican Potato Twisters posted by Asiya Omar of My Healthy Happy Kitchen. It is a remarkable idea for a snack and an impressive way to present your mains with the twisters on the side. Hope you all will like it too.

Now for a round-up of the recipes................

If you love eggs for breakfast, here are some exciting recipes for you to follow, to go Mexing early in the day. For the mains, it looks like chicken has clearly outdone all other non-vegetarian options, with 4 entries for chicken and none for the other varieties.

Eggs for Breakfast

1.Heuvos Rancheros by Jeya Jemini
2.Heuvos Rancheros by Love to Experiment
3.Mexican Scrambled Eggs by Jeya Jemini

Chicken for Mains
1. Chicken Enchilada by Sanika N
2. Chicken Chimichanga by Sanika N
3. Chicken Bean Rice Bowl by Julie
4. Chicken Quesadillas by Vidhya Viju Govind

The Mexican cuisine event became a perfect Mexican fanfare with a plethora of delicious vegetarian entries. I've personally felt that of all the international cuisines, Mexican is the one that has most options for Indian and Indian-subcontinental tastes. From soups, dips and sides to some exquisite dessert and drinks, here is a list of Mexican options that will make you salivate!

Drink in a Glass or Slurp from a Bowl

1. Avocado Smoothie by Shree Kanneppady
2. Avocado Milk Shake by Nithya Govindarajan
3. Pomegranate Ginger Margarita by Swathi Iyer
4. Spicy Green Garden Soup by Jaleela
5. Chilles Gazpacho Soup by Sebeena Loyd

What can I Dip into?

1. Tomato Salsa by Sandya Ramakrishnan
2. Guacamole by Julie
3. Fruit Guacamole by Shailaja Reddy
4. Guacamole by Sandya Ramakrishnan
5. Tortilla Chips with Red Salsa by Nandita SS
6. Pico de Gallo by Priya Elias
7. Frijoles Refritos by Love to Experiment
8. Perfect Guacamole by Meena Selvakumaran
9. Salsa with Tortilla Chips by Suchi Sm
10. Refried Beans by Suchi Sm
11. Cottage Cheese Guacamole by Sona S
12. Guacamole Mexican Dip by Sebeena Loyd
13. Cabbage Salsa by Asiya Omar
14. Sour Cream by Shruti Dhingra
15. Guacamole by Nithya Govindarajan
16. Tangy Lime and Coriander Guacamole by The Yogi Vegetarian

Rice on the Side

1. White Pillaf with Cheese by Jeya Jemini
2. Mexican Rice by Shaliaja Reddy
3. Mexican Fried Rice by Suchi Sm
4. Arroz Mexicano by Priya Elias
5. Mexican Rice by Sebeena Loyd
6. Mexican Rice by Amy  
Dish it Out

1. Cheese Quesadilla by Sandhya Ramakrishnan
2. Black Bean Enchilada by Sandhya Ramakrishnan
3. Soy Chorizo and Vegetables Stuff by Kitchen Queen
4. Taco Salad by Sandhya Ramakrishnan
5. Refried Beans Taco by Gayathri Ramanan
6. Taco Pizza by Kitchen Queen
7. Mexican Lasagna and Bean Cheese Enchilada by Denny
8. Refried Bean Taco by Sanika N
9. Encihalada with Guacamole and Refried Beans by The Yogi Vegetarian 
10. Seitan Fajitas by The Yogi Vegetarian
11. Tortilla by Suchi Sm
12. Mexican Pizza by Suchi Sm
13. Grilled 7-Layer Burrto by Kitchen Queen
14. Baked Chile Relleno by Kitchen Queen
15. Burrito in a Bowl by Gayathri Ramanan
16. Potato Twisters by Asiya Omar
17. Mexican Read Bean Samoon Sandwich by Jaleela 

 Something for my Sweet Tooth

1. Mexican Flan by Rafeeda A Raheem
2. Blackberry Cobbler by Shailaja Reddy
3. Avocado Chocolate Semi-Freddo by The Yogi Vegetarian
4. Pastel de Tres Leches by Love to Experiment
5. Strawberry Chocolate Cake by Asiya Omar
6. Alfajores by beingFab 

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for participating in the event and making it a grand success. Please feel free to display the Award for Participation in your page.

Finally for the winners....

The Award of Appreciation for Top Contribution is shared by 
Suchi Sm of Sujitha-Easy Cooking 
Sandhya Ramakrishnan of My Cooking Journey.
Each of them had contributed a total of 5 recipes to the event. Please grab your award.
 The Award of Appreciation for the Best Non-Vegetarian Recipe selected from the category of Eggs for Breakfast and Chicken for Mains goes to Sanika N of Delectable and Delicious. Congrats Sanika and here is your award Sanika.
Here is a peep into her recipe - Chicken Chimichinga.

Selecting The Award of Appreciation for the Best Vegetarian Recipe was a tough job for me; categories included Drink in a Glass or Slurp from a Bowl, What can I Dip into, Rice on the side, Dish it Out, and Something for my Sweet Tooth. My Burrito in Bowl by Gayathri Ramanan of Foody Buddy and Baked Chile Relleno by Kitchen Queen of Home Cook Food stood neck and neck in my mind. Personally being a lover of long and hard recipes, my mind went out to Linsy Patel Kitchen Queen of Home Cook Food. Congrats Linsy Patel and here is your award.
Here is a peep into her recipe - Baked Chile Relleno

That was a lot of Mexing today. Wishing Julie all success in her event and also best wishes to the participants.



  1. Thank you so nuch for appreciation and award. Means lot to me.

    1. Its one of the best round up and award certificate I have seen in blog world. very well done Janet.

    2. The award certificate was prepared by Julie. And thanks for your words on the round up :)

  2. Thank you so much for the award! Lovely round up and like you said, a Mexican feast is set :)

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  6. lovely roundup...congrats to all the winners

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    1. Congrats to all the participants and winners.Special Thanks for mentioning my potato twister recipe..

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